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Newbie from NJ

Hello, I'm new and trying to find some dieting friends to help motivate me to exercise and help me lose these extra pounds.

Some info:
5'10", medium length blonde hair, green eyes, 20 years old. Living in New Jersey, vegetarian. Loves hello kitty, faeries, glitter, the color pink, penpals, etc etc... blah blah...

High weight: (January 01): 243 lbs
Low weight/Current Weight: 167
Goal Weight: 135

My main struggle with my weight is exercise. I eat pretty good, low fat everything, vegtarian, avoid dairy whenever possible, haven't had soda in years, etc... and I have lost a LOT of weight but I need motivation to get more exercise since all my weight extra weight is FLUB with no muscle tone whatsoever. This is disgusting, but it mostly just hangs off, like big pockets of skin. (Like those people who lose tons of weight and have all that extra stretches of skin? Like that, but to a lesser extent.) Not saying that some of it is also just fat underneath but the top layers are just stretchy skin. Okay I'll stop being disgusting now. Hope I haven't scared anyone off. :-(

If you are looking for a diet buddy, or just want a friend, please add me! Thanks a lot and hope to befriend a lot of you. :-)

(I have crossposted this in a few journals.)

PS I'm looking for weight loss communitites to join, but since LJ has disable its community search for free members I'm having a difficult time. Any suggestions to good communities? :-)
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