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la dee da.

Hi, I'm the wonderful female who made this community.
I haven't even looked at it in a while, I'd been dealing with an eating disorder when I made this.. and for quite some time afterwards. So, lately I've turned a new leaf and am making an honest effort to eat better and exercise like I should have done all along. I was wondering if anybody even reads this community anymore? Or has it on their friends list??? ORRRR if you are interested in starting to post here more often.
Either way I'm going to do away with the tacky icon, and possibly chance the layout a tad.

So ..
I had some canned peaches for breakfast, I always get the ones in heavy syrup by mistake so I just throw them in a colander and wash em off until I'm satisfied that there is no more gooey syrup on them ... then I did my exercise tape that I love so dearly.
Leslie Samsone's Walk Away the Pounds series is amazing, if you ask me. I started with 2 mile and got bored with it so I moved onto the 3 mile, with 2 pound weights, it's about 50 minutes long. I really love it. It doesn't have old fat people dancing around in funny outfits or emaciated models bopping around in bikini-like outfits. They actually have real sized people exercising...even some older people.
Anyways, I highly reccomend it.

I guess that's all the babbling I have for right now. I will be posting more frequently though... I think you should as well.
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